With help from Lowe’s, tackle your projects before kickoff and make your football self happy.  
"Lowe’s Thursday Night Football Commercial 2014: Snack"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Who are you? 
I'm your football self. You having a snack? 
Because you should be at Lowe's getting everything you need today. Otherwise save room for the I'm not watching any football on Sunday because I didn't clean the deck on Saturday sandwich you're gonna be eating tomorrow. 
Sounds awful. 
Yeah. That's 'cause it is. 
Who would want that sandwich? I don't want that sandwich. Gross. 
Ugh! Nasty! 
Lowe's. Never stop improving.

Written Text

Make your football self happy 
Go To Lowe's. 
Never stop improving.

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