A woman talks about the success she has with her own business start up, thanks to the services from Now that her business is up and running, she feels that she can tell all the people who doubted her to "stick it". The woman makes the rounds of yelling "Stick It!",starting with her husband, going to a school to tell a teacher, visiting Nana in a nursing home, yelling at a neighbor over a fence, even yelling "Stick it!" to an urn of cremains, before blowing out a candle next to the urn. 
"Stick It!"

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You know, when I started my business, a lot of people didn't believe in me. But things took off when I got a domain and built my website. All at GoDaddy. Now I can tell the doubters to stick it. Hey honey? Stick it! Stick it! Stick it! Nana? Hi. Stick it! Can you give your mommy a message for me? Stick it!  
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