This is a trailer for the 2014 animated film 'The Book of Life' starring Zoe Saldana, Channing Tatum, Ron Perlman, Christina Applegate, Danny Trejo, Ana de la Reguera, Ice Cube, Diego Luna, Kate del Castillo, Cheech Marin, Hector Elizondo, Gabriel Iglesias, Anjelah Johnson-Reyes and Anita Briem. 
"The Book of Life Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Channing Tatum, Zoe Saldana Animated Movie HD"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Follow me. You need to see something special. All the world is made of stories and of those stories are right here, in the Book of Life. But the greatest story begins on the day of the dead. A day when spirits pass between worlds and anything can happen.  
Ah, look there. Two best friends. 
Oh, in love with the same girl. You two are acting like fools. 
Wait. Me too? 
You think you're such a feisty one. 
How 'bout a little wager? I bet that Maria will marry Joaquin. 
Very well. 
By the ancient rules, the wager is set.  
Ah, Manolo. It's so beautiful! 
I will lose the wager. Fix this for me, old friend. 
I may not be the town hero, Maria, but I swear with all my heart, I will never stop loving you. 
Snakes! Manolo! 
Where am I? 
Welcome to the Land of the Remembered! Don't try to take it all in at once. 
Wow. This is incredible! 
Every fiesta ? we made. 
And all you can eat churros! 
My lady! Please help me reunite with the love of my life. 
If you complete these tasks, you will see Maria again. 
Hey, girl. Get that a lot. 
The Book of Life. 
Hold it! I know exactly what to play! 
Wow, that totally captivated her. 
(Lyrics) And the story goes on 
Fate is coming, that I know (this is the story) 
Time is running, got to go (this is the story) 
Fate is coming, that I know (this is the story) 
Let it go 
Dream out loud 
(Lyrics) You, you got what I need

Written Text

This Halloween 
From Producer 
Guillermo Del Toro 
And Director 
Jorge R. Gutierrez 
Comes An Incredible Adventure 
Unlike Anything You've Seen 
Three Worlds 
One Destiny 
Diego Luna 
Zoe Saldana 
Channing Tatum 
The Book of Life 

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