Watch the all your favorite NFL Football games on your TV and tablet. A man, wearing a football jersey, walks to a frozen over pond where people are ice skating. He stomps his foot on the ice, fracturing a large round section. He takes the section of ice, carrying it over his head back to his house, where he is hosting friends on gameday. And where the number one rule of hosting gameday is to never run out of ice. 

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When I used to have cable, I only got some of the games. Now that I have DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket, I can watch every game, every Sunday. Which means that everyone wants to come over to my place. And the first rule of hosting, you never want to run out of ice.  
Become the world's most powerful fan. Get NFL Sunday Ticket included at no extra charge. Call 1-800-DIRECTV.

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NFL Sunday Ticket 
2014 Season 
No Extra Charge 

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