"Sunday Night Football: American Family" 
This ad shows a teenager and his dad enjoying NFL football on TV. We then see the boy and the family packing up for the kid to go to college. There is a tearful goodbye from the mom, but the dad knows everything is going to be okay. Before leaving him at his new dorm, the dad gives his son an envelope with the NFL football schedule on it. When the first Sunday rolls around, the boy grabs the schedule and sits down to watch the game while his dad is home doing the same thing. The boy then reaches for his phone to give his parents a call. Every game is a home game.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It's caught. Wayne - a little bit short of the first down. 3rd down. 
Guys, let's go! 
Look, I'm gonna take off. 
Okay. I'll miss you. 
No you won't. That's okay. 
Hey, how you doin'?

Written Text

NBC Sunday Night Football Season Schedule 
Every game is a home game. 
Sunday Night Football returns Sep 7

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