Dan + Shay are charting their own course with an infectious sound that has quickly taken them from small bars in Nashville all the way to Madison Square Garden. Come along and follow their crazy ride and get an up-close-and-personal look at their lives on and off stage. It’s a trip powered by the support of their amazing fans and their insatiable passion for music. Watch as they experience each new and exciting aspect of their journey together in this 12-part series, exclusively on Country Deep™, only on AT&T U-verse®.  
"Dan + Shay: Just the Right Kind of Crazy. Exclusively on Country Deep"

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Check out our exclusive 12-part series, Just the Right Kind of Crazy to get an up close and personal look at our lives on and off stage. Check out u to keep up with us and see what we do next.  
(Lyrics) When a guy like me 
Gets a girl like you 
Yeah, you better know we're going to take it downtown 
Showin' everybody what I'm crazy about 
Anywhere we go 
Gotta let 'em all know 
And I'mma tattoo your name on my arm

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Exclusive 12-Part Series 
A Country Deep Exclusive 
Only on AT&T U-verse 
Dan + Shay 
Just The Right Kind of Crazy 
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