Right now we’re at a critical moment in the fight against AIDS. That’s why Bank of America and (RED) have partnered to bring us one step closer to an AIDS free generation. You can help. Join the fight and Bank of America will match your donation. 

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What if you could help end AIDS? Right now you have the opportunity to be part of the solution. Treatment for mother to child transmission of HIV costs as little as 40 cents a day. The question isn't "Can we end AIDS?" but "Will we?". A challenge this big is going to take all of us. That's why Bank of America and (RED) are asking for your help to fight this disease together. When you donate, Bank of America will match it. Together we can get one step closer to ending AIDS.

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What if you could help end AIDS? 
Be Part Of The Solution 
40¢ Per Day 
Bank Of America + (RED) 
Bank Of America Will Match Your Donation 
Together We Can Get One Step Closer 
To Ending AIDS

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