This advert for Ford introduces the New Ford EcoSport, a compact SUV with many features, including SYNC with Voice Control. The man driving the red Ford EcoSport uses this feature to call "Sophie" as he is driving through all sorts of terrain. 
"The New Ford EcoSport"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Call Sophie.  
The new Ford EcoSport. The compact SUV featuring SYNC with voice control to help you go further. 
(Lyrics) They call me a little grown up 
See, I'm upset because I've always been stuck 
But I don't know what it is I'm without 
Guess I'm in love with always feeling down 
(See the problem was I) 
I was fully consumed 
By all of the petty things that I couldn't do 
All of the plastic, products, shows, and woes 
But I didn't ever show, I let it go

Written Text

The New Ford EcoSport 
SYNC with Voice Control 
Go Further

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