The new Galaxy Alpha from Samsung is launching. Lily Allen, Ben Skinner (the world’s number 2 surfer) and BMX star Harry Main join stylish Britons to bring their ‘swagger’ to the launch. Britain’s most popular phones. 
"Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Right Up Our Street - TV ad"

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Is it something in the water that famously surrounds you? Or everything that surrounds you? The way you walk... 
Yeah, no, he's like totally gorgeous. 
She said what? 
I love this guy! 
Are you done, sir? 
...and bring it. You conquer the sublime, celebrate the ridiculous. Go all day and all night. You've got swagger. It's infectious. Even the weather can't dampen it. And your style, right up our street.  
It's here. The all-new Galaxy Alpha from Samsung. Britain's most popular phones. 
(Lyrics) I had that awful feeling 
Together and forever just you and me, well, that's swell

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Galaxy Alpha

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