Think you know the whole story about the giant talking spider and his #SkittlesWeb this Halloween? Well, prepare your mind for a touching story of… friendship? Trap the Rainbow. Taste the Rainbow. 
"Skittles Web - Extended Version"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Ted? What are you doing? 
I was trying to get these Skittles but I got stuck.  
Maybe I should try.  
I say go for it. If you get stuck, I'll help you get down. 
Moments later, I did help Billy get those Skittles which sparked a lifelong friendship. 
No way! 
Sharing special surprises. 
Matching motorcycles?! 
Two bikes for two bros. 
Magical memories. 
So I got eight legs and I'm not a spider? 
If it says spider, I swear! 
And endless laughter. 
So I was like, arrest me then. 
I'm just kidding. I ate the kid. I ate the other little boy too! 
Trap the rainbow. Taste the rainbow.

Written Text

Trap the rainbow 
Taste the rainbow 

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