Originally aired on May 7, 1983, this commericals for Lite Beer from Miller features Milwaukee Brewers announcer Bob Uecker.  
Uecker was part of Miller's national ad campaign for many years and these commercials propelled Uecker to greater fame as an author and television personality. 
"1983 Bob Uecker Miller Lite Beer Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

All right, maybe I wasn't the greatest player of all time, but fans? They forgive and forget. Why, when I go in here, they'll be buying me my favorite beer. Lite beer from Miller.  
You Bob, uh, Uecker? 
Yeah, how're you doing? Ah, these fans, I love 'em. They know us ex big leaguers drink lite because it's less filling and it tastes great. Well, can't keep the gang waiting. The fans are always joking. 
Lite beer from Miller. Everything you always wanted in a beer. And less. 
Wow. They're having a good time in there.

Written Text

Bob Uecker 
"Mr. Baseball" 
Everything you always wanted in a beer. And less.

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