When kids find out that their parents are not taking all of their paid vacation days, they are rightfully disappointed. They have some choice words for mom and dad, along with some pretty compelling reasons why taking at least one more day is Priceless. 
"#OneMoreDay of Travel: Priceless... (Kids remind parents to take their vacation days)"

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We've heard that over 400 million vacation days go unused every year.  
That's the stupidest thing I ever heard. 
They're paid vacation days. 
If you guys agreed to travel more, we'll all do better in school.  
We'll have a better understanding of other cultures. 
I will learn to parle francais. 
Oui, oui. 
We're not asking for much. 
We just want one more day. 
One more day! 
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Because one more day is priceless.

Written Text

We agree. 
MasterCard Concierge

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