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Walmart, and Destiny Commercial (2014)

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Walmart, and Destiny Commercial

Fall 2014
Genres: Electronics
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Plot / Description

"Get The Ultimate Destiny Experience on PlayStation at Walmart"

Voiceover / Dialog / Script / Spoken Word

1: You get Destiny for PS4? 
2: Got it at Walmart. 
1: Did you also pick up some better gaming skills? 
2: Didn't need those. 
1: Well, drop in on my strike mission cause I'm pinned down. I could use some teamwork. 
2: Shocker. I'm shocked that you're pinned down. 
1: Less talk, more cover fire. 
2: I got your back. I'll kill some bad guys, change your diapers, whatever it takes. 
1: I would get your back, but I literally can't cover that much area. 
2: You're like a stunt man. A stunted growth man. 
1: You know how you could become legend? 
2: How? 
1: By actually pulling your own weight. I mean I would pull your own weight, but I don't have like a winch. 
2: You know how you can become legend? 
1: How? 
2: By finally ordering off the grownup menu. 
1: Your cowardice is legendary. 
2: Your fear is legendary. 
1: Your rear is legendary. 
2: Your visible ear wax is legendary. 
1: Your attention to my earwax is legendary. Why are you looking at my ears all the time? 
2: Your nose hair is legendary. 
1: You know, your neck has a neck which is weird. 
2: Seriously, I've seen zip-lines shorter than your nose hair. 
1: We're humanity's last chance. 
2: Well, I am. 
1: Well, mostly me. 
2: Humanity is like, "Thank you, Steve." 
1: Humanity is like, "We're all good here. I think Nick's got us covered." 
2: You're welcome, humanity. 
1: No thanks, humanity. 
2: Humanity, Steve's got this. 
1: Well, then, humanity's doomed. 
Rated T for Teen. Get the ultimate Destiny experience on PS4 at Walmart.

Written Text

Save money. Live better. 
Playstation 4 Destiny console bundle $449 
Destiny $59.96