"The White Russian - A KahlĂșa Production" 
A man stands out in the desert with a giant lizard on a leash. Then we see another man driving through the desert in a truck. He stops the truck gets out and finds a place to start digging. He digs for a long time and finally hits something. He pulls out a briefcase. Just then two more cars drive up to the same location. The man starts running with his newly found treasure. As he heads for the truck, a man falls from the sky into the back of it. It was a Russian astronaut still in his space suit. After staring at each other, the man drives away leaving the astronaut on the side of the road, and he ends up stopping the other two cars. 
We see that Jeff Bridges is telling this story to an attractive bartender years later at a bar. After telling it, we see he still has the briefcase and two odd people are watching him as he drinks a White Russian.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It must have been 73, 74. I was driving to a coffee plantation down in Mexico. I was just about broke and then, well, let's just say an opportunity comes my way. So I went out there, and uh, I'm looking, looking until I got lucky. And there - there it was. Everything I'd ever wanted, but I wasn't alone. And I was thinking, oh man, I just dug my own grave. There was this weird sound, and BAM! And out of the sky falls this guy. A cosmonaut. 
You're kidding? 
I don't know how, but he knows exactly what to do. I heard later that an electrical storm had messed with his gear so he had to bust out of a rocket or somesuch. Me, I think he fell from the heavens. An angel here to save my sorry ass.  
As I fall asleep 
You burn down, down in deep 
After all you will know 
I was more, I was warm to go

Written Text

A Kahlua production 
The White Russian 
Mixing things up since 1936

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