"Love & Legend Full Length Video ENG" 
Introducing Love & Legend, a collection of the hottest plus size street styles. Available exclusively at Addition Elle. 
The ad features model, Georgina Burke and a man. They are walking separately on the streets of a city until they end up meeting in an alley and kissing.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Love you, love you I will 
Love you, love you I will 
Sunlight, late nights ... had your fill 
Love you I will 
Every day I get a little bit closer 
Wonder are we there 
Every day I get a little bit older 
Wish I can go back 
One day I'll be a little bit older and wiser and kinder 
One day I will

Written Text

Eva B or not to B 
Make love your legacy 
Love & Legend 
Addition Elle 

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