Steeped in the mysterious aura of a hidden bay, the TUDOR Heritage Black Bay watch offers a window onto several decades of adventures in deep waters. First presented in 2012 in a version featuring warm burgundy and chocolate tones, the TUDOR Heritage Black Bay returns in 2014, icy and sharp, featuring a midnight-blue bezel. 
The new TUDOR Heritage Black Bay Blue exalts the original TUDOR Submariner tool-watches and their presence on the wrists of divers in some of the world's greatest navies. 
"New TUDOR Heritage Black Bay"

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(Lyrics) And I'll find my way 'cause 
'Cause it's love, real simple 
And that's how it works 
Oh, so won't you just give it up 
'Cause you don't understand 
Big it up but you don't understand 
This world, this time 
I feel, explode 
And it’s really nice, but you don’t understand 
So big it up, ‘cause you don't understand 
This world, this time 
I go for less 
‘Cause you don't understand baby 
I feel it’s fallin' down 
I know I’ll catch it 
You crazy world, crazy world, yeah

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