VIZIO Presents: Slam Dunk Poetry with Blake Griffin. 
"Blake Griffin - Slam Dunk Poetry - Bobblehead"

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Bobblehead. Bobblehead. With your distant stare, who's the best player in the air? Is it me or is it him? Is it her or is it them? You're answering yes to everything I say. Head constantly bobbing, like a ship lost at sea. You kinda sorta don't look like me. They gave you away for free.But your knowledge, it's priceless. That over-sized cranium, molded in my likeness.Sometimes I sit and I wish you were alive. So I could hit you with an itty bitty high-five. Standing on a pedestal, holding a tiny ball. Bobblehead, bobblehead. You know all.

Written Text

Vizio presents 
Slam Dunk Poetry 
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