The line was used as a repeat motif and the visual element that leads us through the film. Beginning with the carbon line representing our current use of archaic fossil fuels, through the crumbling carbon city until it is finally reborn as the blue ‘hydrogen paved highway’; Toyota’s vision for the future of car propulsion. 
"Toyota Turning Point: Commercial"

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Over the next year, we'll be faced with a decision to support, oppose or even ignore the future of hydrogen fueled propulsion. While there's no doubt that the need for an alternative to fossil fuel is real, the debate around hydrogen will intensify. There will be the nay-sayers. The handbrakes who say that it can't be done. That it's unsafe. That there's no infrastructure to support it. Then there'll be the trailblazers. The first to put up their hand and put down their foot. The bold few, driven to be remembered as those who made a difference. And perhaps the ones who made all the difference. So, as we travel down this hydrogen-paved highway, ready to mark a turning point in history, the question isn't if you'll turn, it's when.

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The Turning Point 
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Toyota | Let's Go Places

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