First there was the Sprint Family Share Pack, then the Unlimited plan for individuals. $100 a month for families, $50 a month for individuals; Sprint, it’s the best value in wireless. Find your plan here: 
"Sprint Family Share Pack and Unlimited plan – The Best Value in Wireless"

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Sprint has done it again. First there was the Sprint Family Share Pack. A family of two, four or even ten gets unlimited talk, text and 20GB of data to share with the entire family for only $100 a month. That's double the high speed data of AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. Double. The. Data. And now check out Sprint's new Unlimited Plan. Individual lines of unlimited data, talk and text at just $50 a month per line, our lowest price ever. $100 a month for the family, $50 a month for individual lines. Sprint. It's the best value in wireless.

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Sprint Family Share Pack 
$100/mo. Through 2015 
Sprint 20 GB 
AT&T 10 GB 
Verizon 10 GB 
T-Mobile 10 GB 
Double Double High Speed Data 
$50/mo. per line 
$100/mo for the family through 2015 
$50/mo for individual lines 
Best Value In Wireless 

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