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"Moodsnap: Our Songs"

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I have a question. 
Do you, do you remember when we very first met each other and started spending time together, and I made you a, I made you a mix CD? 
Did, did you ever listen to it? 
I did. A lot of times actually. Every single song on there was so perfect. I always wondered, like, how'd you know? 
I, I don't know I guess there wasn't really any rhyme or reason to it, it just, the songs that I put on there were just how I felt and how I hoped you felt. And it was, it was scary to give it to you but, I felt like that was the best way to say all the things I was feeling, you know? 
I want to make you a mix CD. You wanna know how I'm gonna pick the songs? I'm gonna think about right now. And we'll just happen. 
(Lyrics) Home is wherever we make it 
We'll break from society one day 
We can be of the trees if we so please 
I know sometimes you just can't take it 
Things won't always be this way 
We'll break from society one day

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