We believe things we love in life can become even better when you put a twist on them. That’s why we set to reinvent classic desserts. And the best desserts always start with the best ingredients, which is why every cup of Dannon Creamery starts with ingredients we all love: our puddings are made with Grade A milk and our cheesecakes are prepared with a Greek twist, traditional Greek yogurt. 
"Introducing new Dannon Creamery. Because Life is Better with a Twist."

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At the Dannon Creamery, we've put a fresh twist classic desserts. Making them all day, any day treats. Starting with cheesecakes, reinvented using thick and creamy traditional Greek yogurt. Then delicately topped with delicious fruit sauces. The twist, less than 200 calories. New Dannon Creamery desserts. 'Cause life's better with a twist. 
(Lyrics) Come on baby 
Let's do the twist 
Come on baby 
Let's do the twist 
Take me by my little hand 
And go like this 
Yeah, twist, come on

Written Text

Less than 200 cal 
Dannon Creamery 
Strawberry Cheesecake flavor 
Dairy Dessert 

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