"Volkswagen Tiguan - Priorities" 
This advert shows a man packing up his old records and other manly items so that his little daughter can have a nice pink room. He later helps her into the car and holds her pink backpack while another group of guys load up an SUV for a guy's weekend. While shopping for some leather shoes, he gets handed several shopping bags from the daughter and wife, and then has to sit down and watch the Powerpuff Girls. He goes to children's character restaurants. He misses some of the best plays of the game waiting for his song to go to the bathroom during a baseball game. He cleans up toys, dolls, and kid CDs from the car.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Thanks, dad. 
Ready, dad. 
I'd do anything for you for you, dear 
Anything for you 
For you mean everything to me 
I know that I'd go anywhere for your smile 
For your smile everywhere I see 
Glad the clouds are grey 
Never mind ... come along 
Surely they won't stay very long 
If you'll only say you're mind 
I'd go anywhere for your smile

Written Text

Kidz Rulz Kafe 
No compromise needed. 
Das Auto 

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