The cutting-edge GE Link connected LED bulb will enhance your lighting like no other light bulb. Just ask an over-the-top celebrity who owes all of his success to really great lighting. Jeff Goldblum stars in this commercial for the GE Link light bulb. He plays Terry Quattro, an over-the-top famous person who is encouraging others to switch to the GE Link lightbulb. He gives the specs and the highlights of changing your home lighting to GE Link lighting.  
"Enhance Your Lighting - GE"

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Quick question. What does it take to live a life of fame on the big screen, the small screen, even the silk screen - that's my face. The answer may surprise you. Really great lighting. Have I benefited from exceptional lighting? You tell me. Now you can get successful guy lighting at normal guy prices. The GE Link lightbulb lasts for over 22 years and it only costs $14.97. That's 66 cents a year. I spend that on moist towelettes every 13 seconds. Thanks, ooh, this is too moist. This bulb is also so easy to install you can do it while painting. You simply twist in and turn on. And thanks to a Wink hub you can plug into your wall socket, you can control your lighting with the Wink app on your smartphone. For an embarrassingly small amount of money you can kiss your hardly lit, non-successful life goodbye. But don't take my word for it, ask this unremarkable nobody. 
I used to hate to go home to a dark house and an unfamous, non-celebrity husband. But now that I can control my lighting, I'm seeing things differently. 
Whether you're working on your signature fragrance, improving your attack speeds in your home Dojo or setting a romantic mood in your music room, which is also your hot tub room, you too can achieve perfect lighting. There's room for one more. Have your lighting servant get a GE Link lightbulb for only $14.97. That's less than what I tip the guy who tips people for me. Better yet, get multiple bulbs, have fun looking as good as me. America.

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Terry Quattro 
Famous Person 
GE link 
Only $14.97 
Just 66¢ a year! 
00.179¢ a day! 
Twist In 
Turn On 
Wink hub! 
Wink app! 
Enhance lighting from anywhere! 
Enjoy total lighting control! 
Adjust all your lights!~ 
At once! 
Set lights via timer! 
Buy 2 bulbs 
Get the Wink hub for $20 
Buy 2 bulbs and save $30 
Now at: The Home Depot

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