This commercial for Alive! Multi-vitamins features various women, all wearing bright yellow shirts/tops as they lip sync to the song 'Beautiful Day'. They all feel so great and alive thanks to their daily intake of vitamins. 
"Stacey Levine Sings On The Nature's Way Alive! Vitamin TV Commercial, 'Beautiful Day'"

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Alive! Multi-vitamins provide 100% or more daily value of 20 vitamins and minerals including high-potency B vitamins. 
(Lyrics) It's a great big beautiful day 
I've got a smile on my face 
That just won't go away 
I'm humming like a bumblebee who's buzzing 'round the hive 
It's some kind of wonderful 
It's a great big beautiful day to feel alive

Written Text

Alive! Multi-Vitamin

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