Flo talks to a super creepy ventriloquist doll about the name your price tool at Progressive. Turns out it's just a nightmare that one of the insurance competitors is having. The Name Your Price tool is part of the nightmare, but the Creepy Ventriloquist doll is very real. 
"NightTerrors - Progressive Insurance commercial"

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Just tell us your budget and the name your price tool helps you find a whole range of coverages. No one else gives you options like that. 
No one at all. 
No one at all. 
No one. 
Wake up! 
You OK, buddy? 
I just had a dream that Progressive had this thing called... 
It isn't a dream, is it? 
Oh, that thing freaks me out. 
He can hear you. He didn't mean that, Kevin. 
Yes he did. 
Keeping our competitors up at night. Now that's Progressive.

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