A man walks into an AT&T store where he meets Lily, the store employee. The man begins to ask a question, but before he can finish, Lily is providing him with an answer. This happens over and over again, making the man wonder if Lily is a mindreader. So he asks her, without asking out loud, if she is in his mind. She answers no. But as the man asks several more questions, this time all in his own head, Lily not only hears and answers his questions, but answers them correctly. 
"AT&T Commercial – New iPhone “Mind Reader”"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Yes! We have the new iPhone. 
'Cause everyone's coming in for the new iPhone. 
Well, what... 
Kind of service plan can you get? Well right now if you select the 15 Gig plan, we'll double your data and make it 30 gigs for the same price. 
Well that's... 
Ooh, great! You'll take it! 
Are you inside my mind right now? 
Where was I... 
Who was the... 
What is my fav... 
Hollandaise sauce. 
No way. 
The new iPhone is here. And now you get 30 Gigs of truly sharable data starting at $160 a month.

Written Text

30 GB 
Starting at $160/month 
2-10 lines 
Sign up by October 31st 
iPhone 6 
Mobilizing Your World 

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