The Legend of the Dodge Brothers starts with humble beginnings and goes on to creating a car company with a 100-year-and-counting legacy. While John and Horace Dodge ended up having big lives they had even bigger dreams and today their spirit lives on in the new 2015 Dodge Challenger. 
"Official Dodge Brothers Commercial ft. the 2015 Challenger | Ballroom"

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As boys, the Dodge brothers made their own bicycle. John went on to hold office. Horace supported the orchestra. They raced yachts. Their lives were big but their dreams were even bigger. A hundred years later, this is how their spirit lives on. 
(Lyrics) I've seen it all 
All through eyes 
Do do you believe you can hide? 
I've seen it all 
Yeah, I've seen it all 
Do you, do do you

Written Text

The Legend Of The 
Dodge Brothers 
1914 2014 100 Years 
The New 2015 
Their Spirit Lives On

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