Whether Shanghai or Paris, actress, family guy or business man – with its striking shoulders, vital and sporty aura, clear defined rear and captivating styling the new C-Class Estate deals with every situation.  
"Mercedes-Benz TV: The new C-Class Estate TV commercial “Options”."

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

This film can be set in Shanghai. Or in Paris. And the leading role could be an actress. Or a family man. Or a business man. Beside him sits an artist, musician, his colleague. Mmm, another colleague. Or his boss. And the car they're traveling in is a C Class. Or a C-Class. Or the C-Class. The best knows no alternative.  
(Lyrics) Maybe it's just the way 
That God made me this day 
Baby, I don't know 
Just why I love you so 

Written Text

C-Class AMG Line 
C-Class Advantage 
C-Class Exclusive 
The best knows no alternative. 
The new C-Class Estate. 
The best or nothing.

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