"I'd Tap That: Grannies | Tap & Roll with Zipcar" 
This ad shows three old woman sitting on a bench at an outdoor basketball court. As men play basketball, the old ladies talk about wanting to "tap that". In the end, it turns out they were talking about the Zipcar parked on the street behind the men playing ball... except one of them.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Mmmm, I'd tap that. 
I'll tap that big one. 
You can't tap that big one. 
Why not? 
Cause I tapped it last week. 
Zipcar doesn't work like that. 
Zip what? 
Tap and roll with Zipcar. Cars by the hour or day. Gas and insurance included. Zipcar - wheels when you want them.

Written Text

Whells when you want them 
Open road 
Hold card here to lock or unlock 
Join today at 
Zip Car

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