"Belk Gives on the Go" 
This ad shows a couple getting up in the morning. There is a sticky note on the alarm clock, then the husband puts a sticky note on the bathroom mirror before the wire brushes her teeth. A son drives a radio controlled truck past the mom in the kitchen with another supportive note on it while another is found on the orange juice in the fridge. Many sticky notes on the window form a heart

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Bye, mom. 
With all you have to do, sometimes you need a helpful reminder, or a word of encouragement from the people you love. At Belk, we're helping to fit early detection into your busy schedule. Make your mammogram appointment today at 
Here sits a man of twenty-two years up and strong  
Held fast to lessons learned from mother nature's song  
Speaks in the voice of winter winds and rivers run  
Worn close to heart by everyone  
Waiting for the sun

Written Text

Modern. Southern. Style. 
Today's the day! 
Don't forget! 
Super Mom 
You can do it! 
So proud of U!! 
Belk gives on the go 
Early detection is key 
Get screened today 
Pink is our passion 
Mobile Mammography

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