The Lexus NX and are the stars of Striking Angles, a TV advert for the new luxury crossover.  
Using rich visuals and a soundtrack featuring an exclusive remix of’s Dreamin’ About the Future, the ad transports viewers into an imagined modern world of angular design. 
It depicts the NX travelling through a futuristic cityscape, giving hints of the car’s progressive design as it passes beneath stylised road signs and through multi-faceted tunnels. As the journey unfolds, appears on angled TV screens in a shop window before emerging in person from a facet-fronted club, stopping his tracks to admire the passing Lexus. 
"New Lexus NX 2015 TV ad"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The striking new Lexus NX. Amazing in motion. 
(Lyrics) I'm a dreamer 
I'm a dreamer 
I'm a dreamer

Written Text

The Striking New Lexus NX 
Amazing In Motion

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