It seemed like André and Jonathan had it all - great careers, a beautiful home, and their love for one another. Then along came Raphaëlle. 
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"The Cheerios Effect: André, Jonathan & Raphaëlle’s Story"

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Most of my life, I thought it was uh, it will never be possible to have a, to have a child, uh, given that I'm gay. So some friends of ours organized a blind date.  
But I was nervous. You know? But,  
Blind dates never work, usually I believed. It was my first one anyway, so when I saw Jon at that first glance, I'm like, Oh my God, you know? 
He did that to me. 
Just a little wink. And I thought, oh, it's him. 
It was an immediate connection. Yeah. 
We, we couldn't keep all of this luck and love for ourselves. We, we needed to share. So the idea of becoming a dad was really increasing with time, basically. Before that it wasn't an option.  
But now in 2014, it's a possibility. 
I was at work and I got a phone call. She said, Andre, I've got a proposal. I've got a beautiful little girl to introduce to you and Jonathan. And are you still interested? Got off work, we rushed in to shower, we had like ten minutes to get ready but we wanted to be clean, we wanted to be handsome, we wanted to be all set, all ready to meet our girl. She was four... 
Five pounds. 
She was, yeah. 
Tiny. Almost automatically Jonathan and I started crying. We just cuddled her and then we were, we were a family. We fell in love instantly. 
And she gave me Raphaelle and I say to her, Raphaelle, Dad is here. Daddy is here now. And it was the first time I say, I said "Dad". With the program it was a risk. Raphaelle can go in her family. 
Can go back in her, in her biological family. 
Now she's really cool. She have (has)love. She's confident and people outside who have problem with that, they kind of try to put doubt in their head, and you know, we have, we're gonna have to fight with that.  
So we were hesitating, we're like do we, do we call ourselves dad? 
If Raphaelle have a problem with to have two dads, I see it's not gonna be our fault, because I don't have confidence in myself for all my life, but for this, I know. We're good parents. 
Being a dad. We rock.

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Andre, Jonathan & Raphaelle 
We all love to connect. 
That's the Cheerios Effect.

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