More data capacity from T-Mobile means more clutch Cutch moments shared. Enjoy T-Mobile‚Äôs #DataStrong network where you need it most! This commercial shows fans watching a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game. The commercial is in slow motion as Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen (Cutch)leaps to catch the ball. The fans in the crowd are able to capture this moment thanks to the T-Mobile Data Strong network. 
"#DataStrong Catch | T-Mobile Commercial"

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There's a drive to deep center field and this could be the ballgame! He's going back! 
T-Mobile's network has more data capacity per customer than Verizon and AT&T. It's a network that puts data where you need it most. A network designed data strong. 
(Lyrics) All you pretty things, get on board this mothership 
All you've got to be is ready for action, baby

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Don't Let A Capacity Crowd 
Shut Out Your Data 
T-Mobile Network 
More Data Capacity 
Designed Data Strong 

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