And lift, and bite, and lift and bite. The easiest reps you’ll do all day! 
"Simple Steps"

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Hello there. And welcome to Simple Steps. The easy and deliciously funky way to get healthy. Big journeys start with a first step, so why not turn those steps into a dance routine? Then sashay to Subway for a Fresh Fit meal and get your veggie on! Livin' la vida healthy is that easy. Anyone can be fit and fab, like yours truly. It's true! Even a mom, a teenager, a cool person, even your nana and her friend. Why even Mr. Welsh, Mr. Ferguson and Mr. McNally. Everyone can take simple steps to a healthy lifestyle. Let me inspire you. With movement. Come on everybody! Flap your arms like an oven-roasted chicken breast! Now, easy, cheesy, stomp it out like you're in the club! Subway Club. And most importantly, you've gotta make it rain veggies! Make it rain. Come on, get your veggie on! Come on, get your veggie on! It's that easy. Just take simple small steps. I feel better already, but there's one more step in this routine. Everybody grab a Subway Fresh Fit 6" sandwich full of veggies and lift and lift and bite and bite. Dance better and feel better, it's just that easy. Subway. Eat fresh.

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Simple Steps 
Fit And Fab! 
A Mom 
A Teenager 
A Cool Person 
Your Nana And Her Friend 
High School Teachers 
Make It Rain Veggies 
Simple Small Steps 
It's That Easy! 
Eat Fresh

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