"The Flower Effect" 
This advert tells the story of a woman named Sophie who likes to go to the park and watch people. One day she finds some flowers that were left for her. She goes to the house of the man she likes to say thank you, but he just shuts the door on her - they weren't from him. She starts crying on the street and we see how people react to her. Eventually, she is consoled, and she ends up giving the flowers to someone else.

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This is Sophie. The things she likes most are bubble wrap, eating a lot of ice cream, and observing people in the park. Her favorite characters are the man who is obviously Santa Claus and the secret super heroes. Yuck! But today is different than any other day. Oh, for you? It must be from the man of your dreams. What's his name again? 
Love really makes you blind, doesn't it? Uh oh. Well, that wasn't quite what you expected, was it? Don't cry, Sophie. That world isn't that bad. You just have to see it. This world can be a wonderful place even it it's not always the way you imagined it. Because sometimes life doesn't give you want you want... but what you need.

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For You 
The Flower Effect 
Carhartt, Detroit, USA 
For You 
Funny how flowers do that

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