Everyone makes mistakes, even our pets. The STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet and cushion system resists most difficult pet stains, releases pet hair easily and reduces pet odors. It's time to forgive and forget. #LetPetsBePets with STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet and cushion system. 
"STAINMASTER® PetProtect® carpet and cushion system"

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Sometimes pets make mistakes. But the Stainmaster Pet Protect carpet and cushion system helps prevent pet stains, reduce pet odor and easily release pet hair. So get pet protect and let your pets be pets.  
(Lyrics) I'm sorry 
So sorry 
That I was such a fool 
I didn't know

Written Text

Every time the doorbell rings, I tinkle. 
I marked my territory on the carpet It is mine now. 
Pet Protect Stainmaster 
Available at 
the Stainmaster Flooring Center 

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