"The Loveable Loaf. Soreen's New 2014 TV Advert" 
Meet the Soreen Loveable Loaf in his new TV ad as he shares his delicious squidginess with his friends on his travels, and shows them all of the different versatile ways he can be eaten and how he keeps them going for longer. If you like The Loveable Loaf you can follow his adventures on his very own Facebook page at 
This ad features an anthropomorphic loaf of bread walking around and people keep taking pieces out of him and eating him until he's all gone.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

You make me happy  
You strike me dumb  
You're soft and squishy 
You're my little yum yum 
You're like a daisy  
Out in the sun  
You make me crazy  
You're my little yum yum  
I'll bet you're tasty  
To the last crumb  
I'd never waste you  
You're my little yum yum  
You're my little yumyum

Written Text

The loveable loaf

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