This Gillette ad showcases Lionel Messi and Joe Hart where things in life always boil down to "a hair". 
"Gillette #ByAHair TV Ad (60s)"

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Here's the thing, you either make it or miss it by a hair. You're on or you're off by a hair. You're in or you're out. You get it or you lose it by a hair. Take all the things worth doing, all the moments worth savoring and all the battles worth winning. They're not measured in distances large, but rather small. By an inch, by a fraction, by a hair. That said, we don't make precision blades and the world's most popular razors by a hair, but by a mile. Go get it. Gillette.  
(Lyrics) Lucy's underground, 
She's got a mouth to feed 
Show me love 
You've got your hand on the button now

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Fusion ProGlide 
Mach 3 
Fusion ProGlide Styler 
The best a man can get

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