Walmart's promise to you: low prices that help make your dreams come true. This commercial for Walmart features a group of friends sitting around a dining room table, having a meal together. A mother saying goodbye to her daughter at an airport. A man and a woman who speak different languages, but trying to understand each other in spite of the barrier. Fans cheering at a sporting event. A father having a video chat with his family, who are far away. A mother holding a baby. A mother giving her toddler a bath. A family in the car, as the mother looks to the back seat and sees both of her children fast asleep. A father holding a baby as he opens the refrigerator late at night, looking for a snack. A couple sharing pizza in their new home - surrounded by boxes. A couple sharing their first kiss as a married pair at their wedding. Kids jumping on their parents' bed, while mom and dad are still sleeping. A son comes home from college to his excited mother's welcoming arms. Two small children jumping on a couch.  
"Live Your Dreams Everyday With Walmart's Low Prices"

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Let's talk about high prices. Of leaving behind great friends. Of that inevitable farewell. Of learning a new language. Or not being able to celebrate a victory like before. And sometimes feeling far. Very far away. The price of being the person in charge for the life of those who are your life, you've paid a lot. But it's worth it. Because every day you're living your dreams. Our promise to you - low prices that help make the come true. Save money. Live better. Walmart. 
(Lyrics) Estado recordando los momentos que te di 
Cuántos tu me diste y porque ahora estoy aquí 
Déjenme llorar quiero sacarlo de mi pecho,  
con mi llanto apagar este fuego que arde adentro

Written Text

Save money. Live better. Walmart

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