Last year’s breakout performance is only a starting point for Nick Foles. He’s all about “what’s next.” And we saw just how hard he’s pushing to be better. 
"Bose Presents: Game Changer – Nick Foles"

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Every single player that plays football feels pressure. You want to do well for your teammates. What's helped me alleviate the pressure is just preparing every day. Some of the benefits of swimming is cardiovascular. Definitely strengthened my legs up, just helped with my endurance throughout the game. I like to get in the zone where I'm not really thinking about swimming. I approached every day like I was a starter. I was ready to go when I got the opportunity to play. But what I did last year's not gonna do my anything for this year. So I have to stay on top of my game and work harder and harder every day. When I'm listening to music when we're at practice, it creates a controlled chaos. So then going into the game when that ball snaps, all the pressure goes away. You have noise all around. It creates adrenaline and you just start feeling it. And I could tell once I start swimming my body just started working together better. I think that swimming's working all your muscle groups. It's every little muscle in your body. You gotta have a great core strength when you play this game. I go out there every day to work to get better, but not only that but to impact the people around me. There's never a point where you play this game where you say I have arrived, I can't get any better. 'Cause you can always get better.

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Game Changer |Nick Foles 

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