"Rock The Vote Presents: #TURNOUTFORWHAT" 
Rock The Vote Presents #TURNOUTFORWHAT starring Lil Jon and featuring Lena Dunham, Whoopi Goldberg, Natasha Lyonne, Fred Armisen, E.J. Johnson, Darren Criss, Sophia Bush, Ireland Baldwin, Devendra Banhart, Ioanna Gika and Gabriel Valenciano. Tell us what you're turning out for on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @rockthevote, register at and turn out on November 4th.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Lil Jon: I'll swing by later after I'm done voting. 
Whoopi Goldberg: Oh, don't tell me you're still watching Dancing with the Stars. 
Lil Jon: No, it's November 4th - midterm elections. 
Whoopi Goldberg: What?! 
Lil Jon: I'm voting in the mid-term elections. 
Whoopi Goldberg: What!? 
Lil Jon: Mid-term elections. 
Whoopi Goldberg: I can't hear you. You're breaking up. 
Lil Jon: I'll call you later. Alright, goodbye. 
Whoopi Goldberg: Love you too. Yeah. 
Wow, Mr. Jon. I'm a big fan. I saw you perform last week in da club. It was pretty, pretty crunk. Yeah, sometimes people think we kind of look alike. I don't know if it's the glasses. 
Lil Jon: Nah. Can I have the ballot? 
Alright, there are voting booths from the windows over to the walls, and rock the vote, dude. 
Thank you. 
Skeet, skeet, skeet. 
Occupied. Sorry we're in here voting. 
Wait, you're Lena Dunham and you're celebrity fitness trainer, Tracy Anderson. 
Yeah, this is how we do it in Hollywood. We vote with our trainers. 
Lil Jon: Man, I can't wait for season 4 of Girls. I know you're tired of everybody asking you if Ray and Shoshana are gonna end up together. 
Well, Jon, I really wish that I could tell you, but it's just - it's a secret. 
Are they? 
Just wait for it. Just watch. 
Can you sign my ballot? 
Oh yeah. Tracy would probably like you to sign her... 
When I'm done voting. 
Okay, we're gonna vote now. 
Rock the vote 
Rock, rock the vote 
Turn out for what 
I'm Darren. I'm turning out for education. 
I'm EJ and I'm turning out for marriage equality. 
My name is Lil Lena, and I'm turning out for reproductive rights. 
My name is Rywanda and I'm turning out for human rights. 
Hi, I'm Natasha and I'm turning out for prison reform. 
I'm Sophia and I'm turning out for women's rights. 
I'm Devendra, and I'm turning out for deforestation. 
What's up? This is Lil Jon, and I'm turning out for the legalization of marijuana. 
I'm Ireland, and I'm turning out for global warming awareness. 
I'm Gabriel, and I'm turning out for racial equality. 
Hi, I'm Fred Armisen and I'm turning out because I wanna impress my friends. That's the only reason to do anything.

Written Text

Rock the Vote 
Lil' Ben 
Election Official 
Be prepared 
Student Loans 
Voting Rights 
Workers' Rights 
Student Loan Debt 
Health Care Reform 
Animal Cruelty 
Veteran's Rights 
Police Brutality 
Climate Change 
Turn out to vote on November 4th 
Rock the Vote 

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