"HYPERFLEX JEANS: Stretch Your Limits!" 
Replay changes the rules of jeans by stretching the limits of the manufacturing process. The Replay Hyperflex collection is an innovative product where the stretch denim experience attains smart new heights. Complete ease of motion, great shape retention, a luxurious feel: ready to Stretch Your Limits? 
Test it on 
This ad shows men and women testing the "stretchiness" of Replay Hyperflex jeans.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Commence Hyperflex test 
Oh, push the limits high 
Yo, you, ah! 
Come one 
You can push me past the edge but I promise that I will stay by your side 
You can push me past the edge but I promise I will stay by your side 
If you

Written Text

Replay presents Alessandra Ambrosio & FC Barcelona in The Hyperflex Tests 
Dr. Ambrosio 
Stretch your limits 
Hyperflex by Replay 
100% elasticity 
FCBarcelona Official Partner 
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