"Introducing: Peter Storm" 
Adopted by the football lads of the late 70s and early 80s, picked up again in the North around Acid House.. Re-emerging again during the glory days of eBay in the Noughties.. The classic Peter Storm jacket doesn’t seem to go away. This uniquely British piece of outerwear is one of those rare items of clothing or footwear that allows itself to be appropriated into the cultural zeitgeist throughout history. 
This advert shows two friends trying to get in touch with another friend to go watch a football match. The one friend is too wrapped up with his girlfriend to care all that much, but he is the one with the tickets. At the end, the guy shows up at the field, but he wasn't aware it was an away game, and his two friends are in the right location.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I'll ring him. 
I'm absolutely sick to death of this. 
He's not answering. 
Do you know where he's going to be? Don't even bother ringing him anymore. 
Where is he. 
He just with that bird, isn't he? 
6 quid. 
Um, can I have two cup of tea, please? 
Oh, I forgot. It's a match. 
What difference does that make? 
What's going on with the music situation? 
I forgot the stereo. 
Don't be like that. Come here. 
No, don't try to kiss me. I'm having none of it. You said you were gonna be with me today. 
Alright, I won't go to the match. I'll spend all day with you. Keep to the word. Okay, does that make you better. 
Aw, here he is now. "Sorry mates. Slept in. Meet you at the gates." 
Who were you texting? 
Oh, you know. My mom. 
Where are you? What? It's an away game, idiot. 
He's got the tickets, hasn't he?

Written Text

Peter Storm 
Stockpart County A.F.C. 
Peter Storm 
Great Britain 
The Rig Out

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