Everything you need in time for Christmas. 
We'll help you make this Christmas special with half price savings 
on a cosy new sofa, great ideas on giving everyone some extra room around the table and flexible sleeping options for guests. 
"DFS | Guaranteed Christmas Delivery | TV Advert | UK"

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Some people know Christmas doesn't happen by itself. At DFS we start planning early. So when you order a half price winter collection sofa, it'll be handmade and delivered before the big day. There's also 4 years interest free credit. DFS. Making Christmas more comfortable. 
(Lyrics) Come one, come two, come all 
Everyone heed the call 
There's a very important thing to do 
Drop what you're doing and come 
Bumpity Bumpity Bum 
There's a very important thing to do 
It's time to gather 'round 
The work has just begun 
And when it's done 
Then you'll have found 
That you have had some fun 
With a Monumentu-ous 
Very important thing to do!

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Half Price 
Guaranteed Christmas Delivery 
4 years interest free credit 
Half Price and Guaranteed Christmas Delivery 
Ends Soon On Selected Sofas 
Making Christmas More Comfortable

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