Care is asking the right questions. That's why we designed our new Cabrio® laundry pair with an Intuitive Touch console that simply asks what you're washing and how you want it cleaned. No more confusing settings or complicated cycle names. 
"The Whirlpool Every Day, Care™ What/How Video"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

What happened? 
How did you make this? 
What is this? 
How did you get up there? 
He did what? 
How did it go? 
How in the... 
What did you do? 
Honey, how did that happen? 
Wake up! 
What? What? 
Asking the right questions, that's caring. And that's why Whirlpool made the new Cabrio washer with settings that simply ask "What" and "How" to get the perfect wash. Every day, care. Whirlpool.

Written Text

Every day, care. 
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