A woman in a tight red dress is in a bar, playing pool. She calls this red dress her "I hope I see my ex" dress. Another woman in jeans and a black leather jacket is getting on a motorcycle. Her boyfriend gets on the motorcycle behind her. The JCPenney Best Of Fall sale is on now. 
"JC Penney Best of Fall Sale TV Commercial, 'See My Ex Dress'"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

This is my "I hope I run into my ex" dress. 
In this relationship, I wear the pants. And so does he. Oh yes he does. 
During the JCPenney Best of Fall sale get an extra 20% off with your JCPenney credit card and coupon. JCPenney. When it fits, you feel it. 
(Lyrics) The way you walk into a room 
It's got me messin' (?) up what I was doing 
You take it even further 
Record starts to turn  
Ooh hoo ooh ooh hoo 
I really love the way you twist

Written Text

JCPenney Best Of Fall Sale 
Extra 20% Off with Your JCPenney Credit Card & Coupon 
Extra 15% Off With Any Method of Payment And Coupon 
when it fits, you feel it |

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