We believe in the power of paper. 
We believe that paper has shaped our life and our history and that it will do so in the future. 
That paper will evolve and will assert itself because it is more than just a carrier of rational information. 
It awakens feelings and memories, expresses our style and is an everlasting proof of beauty and inspiration. 
Discover the various fields of application for paper products today and find out more about the particular characteristics of our different specialty papers! 
Space shuttle launch in reverse 
Peach treaty being signed 
Olympic torch being lit in reverse 
A hurdler running a race in reverse 
Art gallery 
Birthday cake 
Old man in a rowboat and a little girl on a dock

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

They say greatness stands on me. They say I will bring peace. That I will change the future. That I will grow, yet I will stand strong. That I will be an everlasting proof of greatness, of beauty, of inspiration. In a world where the little things matter, I will always be there. I am inspiration. I am style. I am reliable. I am limitless. I am unique. I am paper. 
Felix Schoeller Group. Best Performing Papers. Worldwide.

Written Text

James Richardson 
National Broadcast Sports - Todays Latest Coverage 
Tokyo 1964 
The Arts Emporium 
Cafe de Bon Gateau 
Crumbs Bakery 
Julian & Sons 
Sundays Coffee Co. 
Photo and digital printing paper 
Outstanding colour receiver layer 
Inspiring surfaces 
Large variety of formats 
Outstanding surface structure 
High dimensional stability 
Easy to hang and to strip 
Release liner 
Large variety of surfaces 
Excellent lay-flat properties 
Decor paper 
7000+ unique colours 
High lightfastness 
Paper laminate 
Perfectly printable paper carrier 
Individual window geometry 
Warm and natural look and feel 
Felix Schoeller Group 
Best Performing Papers. Worldwide.

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