The Grumbler: likely to appear annoyingly around snack-time. Luckily a super thick, super tasty way to send him packing is to grab yourself a low fat, high protein danio yogurt. Watch the new UK TV ad to find out more. 
"danio yogurt TV advert featuring 'The Grumbler'"

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When the Grumbler strikes, there's a great way to deal with him. Discover Danio. Deliciously thick and super tasty, your protein-packed, low-fat snack. Danio hits the spot. 
(Lyrics) Oh Lord (oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord) 
Don't talk about it 
Oh boy, don't talk about it

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It's snack time... 
The Grumbler 
High In Protein 
Danio hits the spot 

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