Infiniti presents the new QX80 TV commercial featuring Chef & Restaurateur Scott Conant, The People Who Matter. With room for up to eight passengers in the 2015 QX80, you’ll never have to leave anyone behind. 
"Infiniti 2015 QX80 TV Commercial ft. Scott Conant - The People Who Matter"

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So, I was a head chef at 24. I won Best in Restaurant in the country at 31. I've published cookbooks, I've been on TV. I've relied on people every step of the way. I still do. I have to. So staying connected to those people, that's what makes me feel accomplished. They're people I connect with, that I'd sit at a table with. These are the people that I ride with every day.

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Scott Conant, 
Chef & Restauranteur 
The redesigned 2015 QX80, with room for up to eight. 
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