Grand Marnier presents a story of a beatboxer combining his talents with musicians of a variety of genres as he travels the city, creating something truly original, something truly Grand Marnier. 
Grand Marnier is a premium blend of cognac with wild tropical oranges from the Caribbean and has been an authentic, iconic brand for nearly 150 years. It is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed as a shot, on the rocks or neat and delicious in cocktails. 
"Grand Marnier - Blend Out | Full Feature Film"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Don't just blend in, blend out. Grand Marnier. 
(Lyrics) ADHD had my mind clouded till I found this scene 
And now I roll so much every day feels like I'm living a dream 
Bust it 
Two tears in a bucket  
I'm a pitbull off of the chain and a ? 
All right, look 
I wanna be the boss whether I'mma take a win or loss 
Shrug it off 
Keep 'em movin' I'mma pay the cost 
Can you see what I see 
Cause everybody still with a shine 
Still with a rhyme and tell me how they dope when they combine whatever they do (?)

Written Text

A Grand Marnier Film 
Blend Out 
Grand Marnier 
The Original Blend Of Cognac & Orange.

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